Dr. Hobart McKinley Patterson

The origins of this dental practice date back to 1891 when Dr. Robert Morrow opened shop in downtown Burlington.  Dr. Morrow was a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Dentistry in 1890.  He practiced dentistry in downtown Burlington until 1926.  That year, his practice was purchased by one of his Patterson relatives.

Dr. Morrow’s mother was Margaret Patterson Morrow.   Margaret Patterson Morrow was Hobart McKinley Patterson’s Great Aunt.  Hobart was a Burlington native and the only boy in a family of six children.  He graduated in 1926 from the Atlanta Southern Dental College.  Upon returning to North Carolina Dr. Hobart McKinley Patterson purchased Dr. Morrow’s dental practice to continue providing quality dental care to the people of Alamance County.

Dr. Hobart with wife Nina Graham and son George Graham Patterson

Dr. Hobart Patterson and his wife Nina Graham Patterson had four children.  His oldest son, George Graham Patterson pursued his graduate dental degree at the Medical College of Virginia, graduating in 1954.  Upon graduating, Dr. George Patterson briefly returned to Burlington before joining the US Air Force where he practiced dentistry at the rank of major.  After two years in the Air Force he returned to Burlington to practice dentistry with his father.  Outside of Dentistry, both George and Hobart were very active in local, state, and national politics.  Upon his father’s passing in 1956, Dr. George Patterson took over his father’s dental practice, continuing to provide quality dental care to the people of Alamance County.  

Dr. George Graham Patterson and Dr. David Patterson (1996)

Dr. George Graham Patterson and Dr. David Patterson (1996)

Dr. George Patterson and his wife Nina Wilson Patterson had 5 children.  His oldest son, David Stuart Patterson pursued his graduate dental degree at the UNC-School of Dentistry, graduating in 1982.  Upon graduating, Dr. David Patterson joined his father’s dental practice in downtown Burlington.  In 1993, the dental office was relocated to a new building built in the Village of Alamance where it remains today.  They practiced dentistry together until Dr. George Patterson retired in 1997.




Today, the practice consists of Dr. David Patterson and two of his sons, Dr. Stuart Patterson and Dr. Nathan Patterson who represent the 5th generation of dentists in the Patterson family practicing dentistry in Alamance County.  

In the Patterson family, there are multiple family members also in the dental profession.  Dr. George Patterson’s sister, Jean Patterson Mann, (now retired) was a dental hygienist.  Dr. David’s wife, Ruth, is a dental hygienist.  There are other family members that are also dental hygienists.  Dr. David’s brother-in-law is a Periodontist in North Carolina.  There have been other family members that have been dentists as well.  One having served on the North Carolina State Board.